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Hello there! I'm the Doctor! Well, rather, his fourth regeneration. I think this dimension is rather funny! Anyways, I think I'll stick around for a bit, get up-to-date with all these new human customs. Oh, yes, you'll know me because I travel time and space in a lovely blue police box, and I have a fabulous scarf. I keep hearing all these things about bowties. Let me tell you, a scarf is much better than a tiny bow made from your tie...Leela, I said don't touch that!
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London || Sally and Four

Four sat on a bench in the park, watching the sky. It was rather warm out today, and the sky was very clear. Only one or two clouds drifted across the expanse of blue. He enjoyed picking out animal shapes from them. It was an enjoyable pastime for the bored, he believed.

He glanced to the side and saw someone walking down the road. She looked familiar.

"Miss Donovan, isn’t it? Of Scotland Yard?"


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    Four kept searching. Finally, he muttered “Ah!” and scraped back some leaves. There was a heavy imprint of a footprint...
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    Sally had been slightly offended, but she wasn’t going to let four know about it. “no, it’s alright, I’ll help you...
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    "I was just thinking that. That list is too long for me to even think about." Four hopped over the back of the bench and...