Would You Like A Jelly Baby?

Hello there! I'm the Doctor! Well, rather, his fourth regeneration. I think this dimension is rather funny! Anyways, I think I'll stick around for a bit, get up-to-date with all these new human customs. Oh, yes, you'll know me because I travel time and space in a lovely blue police box, and I have a fabulous scarf. I keep hearing all these things about bowties. Let me tell you, a scarf is much better than a tiny bow made from your tie...Leela, I said don't touch that!
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M!As: Five years old

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((Night my lovelies~! <3

Also, Four’s TARDIS was stolen, so if you need him he’s living in Big Ben for the time being.))

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The Doctor snatches the snitch


The Doctor snatches the snitch

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Hello, Four again. That was the oddest experience ever.

Olivia calm down. I will introduce you to Gabe.


Anonymous said: headcanon: Four uses jelly babies for sitophiliac purposes.


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If it’s good enough I’ll keep it.

((This is the part where I get nothing))

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repoalyce said: ◆ I really just enjoy stalking you for now, but I wouldn't mind playing with you someday :D

That’d be wonderful!!! Thank you!

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<3333333333 All the diamonds back to you!

thekingofhellisscottishnotrpblog said: ◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆◆ ALL THE DIAMONDS!!!!!